Civil PE Exam Classes

Review Classes

The following are some of the best online courses available. I don’t believe you need a review course to pass the PE exam.  However everyone is different so if you need this structure to keep you on task.  Then a review course is something you should take, make sure you pick the right one though.

PE Review Courses

  • Name: MGI Civil Engineering PE Review Course (Live Instructors and a Pass Guarantee)
  • Cost:$524.00
  • Link:  Learn More
  • About:  MGI Civil PE Review course contains over 700 pages of instruction, sample problems and solutions, practice mini-exams, and a full practice final exam.

  • Name:  ASCE P.E. Civil Exam: 17-Part Review Course
  • Cost:$1,895.00
  • Link:  Learn More
  • About:  Taught by experts with 15+ years of experience in preparing engineers to pass the exam, the 17-Part P.E. Review Course you’ll receive the core essentials as well as five more exclusive sessions to prepare you for the depth portion of the exam.

  • Name:PPI Civil PE Live Online Review
  • Cost:$1,895.00
  • Link:   Learn More
  • About: PPI’s Civil PE Live Online Review Course effectively prepares you for the morning session of the NCEES Civil Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam. This Review Course is designed to give you the skills to approach exam problems in the most efficient manner possible, and to pass with confidence.

  • Name:School of PE (Live or On Demand Courses)
  • Cost:$1490.00 or $ 1190.00
  • Link:  Learn More
  • About:Refresher Classes – Prepares students by reviewing topics that are critical for the PE exam. The course will allow students to experience some theory and high probability problems. All five subjects will be taught in a combined forty hours, eight hours for each subject.
    Workshops – This allows our students to practice and solve several problems which are standalone and require numerical solutions. All five subjects will be taught in a combined thirty hours, six hours for each subject. The workshops will exclusively consist of solving problems which is very critical for the PE exam.

  • Name:Civil PE Study Cast <bigstyle=”color: #ff0000;”>(Great Price and Great Instructor)
  • Cost:$297.00 or $ 445.00
  • Link:  Learn More
  • About:The “Civil PE StudyCast” is a review system hosted by Andy Richardson PE through his website Ace the PE. Andy has helped hundreds pass the PE Exam already, and he can help you. The core of the course is the video training. The videos will cover all five subdisciplines, and the videos can be viewed online or delivered to you via iTunes. If you need additional live help, we are offering five live classes that will include time for Question and Answer, as well as some additional instruction.