Welcome to your free online Civil PE Exam Resource.  This site is specify designed to teach you how to pass the Civil Engineering PE Exam morning and the Construction Engineering depth module in the afternoon.  If you follow the steps provided below while studying you will become a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.).  This site has all the information you need to study for and pass the civil PE Exam.  Some copyrighted material you will still have to buy or acquire, the NCEES recommended design standards.  Then there are highly encourage books that you should buy which are other reference books and practice problems books.  A lot of the study materials shown on the site are not developed by me so I have linked to other websites for their lecture notes and videos in order to give you access to the best free information available.

If you are new to the site and are studying for the PE Exam.  Read and follow the steps below.


Step 1: Go to and read my post on the 10 Keys to Success for the PE Exam.

Step 2: Go to my Exam Material section and order your books – Do not skip this step.  You can sell them back after you pass the test.  You need them for the Exam.  Also it is important to note that the free engineering manuals are just for reference if you want to dive in deeper to a specific subject for a little better understanding.  You will not have to print them out for the exam, the only ones you need for the exam are the ones in the reference section.  I have also just starting developing a page to allow you to search for the best deals for the required books.  Go to the book search page for that.

Step 3: Sign up for the newsletter (left) and get four free gifts.  Download a free copy of the PE checklist to follow while preparing for the exam, a PE Study Schedule to develop your study plan.   Also I provide you with a great conversion table and a problem index to use for easy referencing during the exam.

Step 4:  Study….When following your schedule go to the Exam Modules on this website to study.  There are notes and videos for each engineering section.   When you are watching the videos on the Texas A&M website make sure to print out the notes and follow along.  When I studied for the exam the Texas A&M videos were the only study material I used for the Geotechnical, Structural, Water Resources and Environmental, and Transportation portion and I felt the morning portion was easy ( I maybe didn’t know 3-4 questions).  In each section I provide a lot more information for you to review.  For the construction section I created a lot free notes and example problems for you to study.  I just added my first two products which are “Guide to Passing the Construction PE Exam” and The Construction Depth Practice PE Exam.  If you are taking the Construction PM portion these are must buys, which will give you all the knowledge to ace the PM portion and save you huge amounts of time trying to figure out what to study.

Step 5: Support the website, by giving a little money.  All the money I earn from your donations or from book sales goes right back into the website.  I have recently been able to hire engineers to help me develop new practice problems and soon I will have enough to redesign the site which will make it quicker and more user-friendly.  So please support the site so I can continue to grow it for all the future engineers.

Step 6: If at any time you have questions about the material, what to study, or just general questions about the exam join the forum  and ask the question.  Also join the Facebook or LinkedIn groups and I will provide you with updates and other information.


Let me know if you have any questions.  Good Luck on your studying.

Study smarter,


Mark F. DeSantis, P.E., PMP