MGI Civil Engineering PE Study Course Review

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The course is in hard copy format (books, binders and exams) and physically shipped to your location. The MGI Civil PE Review Course contains over 700 pages of instruction, sample problems and solutions, practice mini-exams, and a full practice final exam. Cost as of the writing of this review are $524 plus $12 shipping.

Included with the MGI course materials are contact details for your own personal live instructor.  Instructors are accessible via toll free number or email and are available to assist with any course related questions.  Instructors also grade students mini exams during the course which are found at the conclusion of each module.  MGI guarantees that if you complete at least 80% of the mini exams with a 70% mark or higher and fail your PE exam you will receive a full refund of your course fee.  The mini exams help you keep apprised of your level of understanding throughout the course rather than at the exam when it is too late to rectify.

The final component of the course is a Simulation P.E. examination which is similar in all respects to the actual P.E. exam.  For best results MGI and I suggest that you complete this final test no later than three weeks before your exam.

All in all MGI is a comprehensive PE Review Course at the best price available.  The unique features that sold it for me and made it absolutely worth the money are the 30 day evaluation period and the pass guarantee.  You have thirty days to review the material and if you don’t like it, you can return it.  Also if you take the course and don’t pass the actual exam you get your money back.  So the worst thing that can happen after the exam is you get a check for $524 (not a bad deal!!).  Also having an instructor available along with simulation testing and mini exams is exactly what you need to pass this exam on the first try.

Find out more information at – use the PROMO CODE: LCE for a additional $25 discount.