The Transportation AM Assessment Guide

The Transportation AM Assessment Guide includes the top 8 questions that will be on the AM portion of the PE Exam.  This practice exam also includes an assessment section for you to quickly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the different topics.  All the questions and solutions are clearly labeled as to what topics they are concentrated on.  This allows you to clearly understand what subject matter you are having trouble with or already fully comprehend.  This allows you to studying smarter by focusing your efforts on the areas that you really need to.

This Assessment Guide is intended to provide a quick assessment of your understanding in each area.  In the real exam if you fail,  NCEES will send you a breakdown on how you did, similar to what is provided in this guide.

These questions are more challenging than the actual exam because they cover several different concepts in each problem.  So don’t worry if it takes you a little longer than 6 minutes per question. Each problem was designed to cover all the most important concepts for that section.  If you understand these concepts you will do very well on the actual exam.

This Assessment Guide is given away for only $5.45, because I want everyone to make sure they use this guide.  I would give it away for free (and I have) however, I know that if you pay a little bit of money you will be more likely to follow through and use the guide.

If at any time you don’t think it was worth it, you can email me and I will refund your money.  No questions asked.

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