Structural Study Guide AM

Structural Engineering AM section for the Civil PE Exam!
With the new 2015 NCEES Exam Specifications.


About the Guide

The Structural Engineering AM Study Guide is designed for you to quickly understand the most likely topics that will be on the Structural AM portion of the exam. I reviewed and studied the Civil Engineer Reference Manual and many other structural engineering manuals. I spent hundreds of hours distilling out the most important information in order to explain the concepts in the simplest terms for you to rapidly absorb all the information.

Below are the topics that you will find in the E-Book.

Structural Mechanics

  • A. Dead and live loads

  • B. Trusses

  • C. Bending (e.g., moments and stresses)

  • D. Shear (e.g., forces and stresses)

  • E. Axial (e.g., forces and stresses)

  • F. Combined stresses

  • G. Deflection

  • H. Beams

  • I. Columns

  • J. Slabs

  • K. Footings

  • L. Retaining walls (in Geotechnical Study Guide)

I compiled all the relevant concepts, formulas, and questions and put them into this condensed down 105 page study guide.

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Content of the Ebook

  • 105 pages of study notes and 26 problems

  • Clear instructions on how to use the book and how to get organized for the test

    get organized for the test

  • It is available for Instant Download! No More Waiting For Days to start studying!

  • Easier to use. Easier to understand. Easier to Pass!

Money Back Guaranteed

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Let me know if you have any questions and good luck on the exam.


Mark F. DeSantis, P.E., PMP