internet searchOriginally I was going to make this list the top 10 websites however, I just couldn’t find that many websites to recommend.  There are a lot of websites out there but they are saying the same thing.  So I don’t want to send you places just to waste your time.  My goal here is to just give you the five websites that will truly help you study and understand the exam.  Then tell you to stop surfing the Internet, and start studying.  Here are the Websites in rank order.

 #1.  The NCEES:  This is the home of The Exam, so of course you must be fully aware of what this website has to offer you.  It provides details about the exact material that will be on the test, past pass rates, latest news about the test, latest required references for your specific test, latest practice problems books, approved calculators, and more.    

 #2.  Teaching: Listening and following along with these lectures will get you 85% through studying for the Geotechnical, Transportation, Structural, and Water Resources sections.  The only problem with these videos are that some of the stuff discussed is not on the AM portion.  So you just have to be careful not to waste your time with it.  With that said, if you go through the videos, and work practice problems after each section, and fill in the gaps with other practice problems you should be golden for the exam in these areas.  The module that is missing currently is Construction.  This is why I offer that study help at . 

 #3.  Forum: This forum is great; they have smart people on there that are really trying to help you.  All you have to do is post a question and you will get multiple responses relatively quickly.   Get on there early and often and post about anything that you don’t fully understand.  There is no stupid question on there.  I would suggest you don’t just read the questions and replies.  You should actively participate and don’t be shy to ask questions.  Then when other people reply answer back with other questions or concerns.  Or if you see a question that you just studied provide the answer.  This is a great way to reinforce learning and will help you retain the information.

 #4.  General Information:  This website/blog/podcast has really good information on it that will help you to prepare for the exam.  It has exam day checklists and a lot of answers to frequently asked questions about the exam.  I have listened to and read most of the stuff and I agree with him 100%.  

 #5.  Practice Problems:  This is a good resource to see some more practice problems and see how one person was successful studying for the test.  It is definitely worth your time if you don’t have a practice problem on a topic and want to look for some more.

 That is it…. The other websites are all good, but truly they have all the same stuff on them.  If you just buy the books and put your head down and study, come up to visit the ones that I suggest when required you will be successful.

 Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.