Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

The Water Resources and Environmental Section is one of the longer portions of the AM to study for.  However, it is an important section so make sure you study each topic.  There will be 8 question on the morning portion.

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Teaching Notes

Hydraulics – Closed Conduit

Hydraulics – Open Channel

  • 1. Open-channel flow (e.g., Manning’s equation) – Youtube Video; Manning’s Roughness Values
  • 2. Culvert Design
  • 3. Spillway capacity
  • 4. Energy dissipation (e.g., hydraulic jump, velocity control)
  • 5. Stormwater collection (e.g., stormwater inlets, gutter flow, street flow, storm sewer pipes)
  • 6. Flood plains/floodways
  • 7. Flow measurement – open channel


  • 1. Storm characterization (e.g., rainfall measurement and distribution)
  • 2. Storm frequency
  • 3. Hydrographs application
  • 4. Rainfall intensity, duration, and frequency (IDF) curves
  • 5. Time of concentration
  • 6. Runoff analysis including Rational and SCS methods
  • 7. Erosion
  • 8. Detention/retention ponds

Wastewater Treatment

  1. Collection Systems (e.g., lift stations, sewer networks, infiltration, inflow) – solutions to example
    questions can be found at http://www.testmasters.com/water-treatment.html.

Water Treatment – Environmental Formulas

  1. Hydraulic Loading and Distribution Systems