Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering

The Transportation portion of the PE Exam is relatively simple and easy to study for. The only material you study are the six subject areas below. Since there are only six areas, you know there is going to be at least one question on each area. So you better know them. There will be 8 question on the morning portion.

Transportation Engineering Teaching Notes

Geometric Design

Transportation Engineering : Other Resources

Check out the NEW Transportation AM Assessment Guide. Great value to see if you are prepared for the Transportation portion of the AM CIVIL PE EXAM.

Here are some other good notes and problems for the Horizontal and Vertical curve sections.
 Session VIII Geometric Design (1).

There is a pretty good video for the transportation engineering material at the below link. However,some of the material in the video will not be on the test. Make sure to not spend any time on those sections:

Print out the .pdf file and listen to the 3 hrs and 43 minutes of video. Don’t just watch the video straight through. When they get to example problems, stop the recording and make sure you understand the concept and solve the problem.  Don’t rush through the video, I recommend 12 hours of studying time for the transportation section.  So that is 4 hours of watching the video, 1 hour of reviewing the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices 2009 Edition – Part 6, and then 7 hours of solving problems.

Let me know if you have any questions.