Study Material

Key #2 for Success: Buy your references and practice problem books NOW!: 

I can’t stress this enough, BUY THE BOOKS, you really do need them.   If you are really committed to passing the test this should be your first priority.  Skimming my website, searching the web, or looking over the CERM and doing some practice problems are far less important than spending the first day or so to get the material you need to study and reference. You need to get all the design standards, reference manuals, practice problems, sample exams and supplies.  The bottom line is you should buy all the design standards that NCEES recommends, the Civil Engineering Reference Manuel, a bunch of problem books, at least one sample exam, and all your supplies (binders/tabs/calculators).  If you don’t do this it is a huge mistake that a lot of people make. Many people slowly wade into studying and getting all the stuff they need. Then by the time they figure what they should have it is too late and they are getting the design standards right before the test so they don’t have enough time to understand how to use them. So what are you waiting for, you paid your application fee, your fee for seating for the exam, now it is time to pay the additional $600-$800 for the material so you don’t have to take this test again. The sooner you are working with the material the better you will be.

This section will show you exactly what you must buy and could buy.

Priority #1

Must Haves

These are must haves are books that everyone taking the Civil PE Exam – Construction Depth need to buy. They are the design standards that NCEES tells you to buy and a the best reference books and practice problem books that you need for the exam. You would be crazy not to get these.

Priority #2

Could Haves

These are other materials that you could want if you need extra help on certain areas in the construction depth section. If you buy all the must haves those books will cover 85% of the material . Some of these books might help you with a problem or two in a specific section