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Hi – My name is Mark, I am originally from Upstate New York. I am a 36-year-old guy with a beautiful wife, Erin, and a handsome 8 year-old son, Keegan.

I am a Engineer Officer in the US Army with currently over 13 year in service. I have a Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree from Clarkson University and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Missouri S&T. All my work experience is in Civil – Construction Engineering. I have worked for over six years as either a Project Engineer or Resident Engineer in a construction office. This allowed me to sit for the PE exam in Construction Engineering. Which is what I did in April 2012 and passed. I studied for the exam starting after January 1st and studied for only an hour a night. I did not take any study courses, all I did was review the material that I am going to show you, and worked a lot of practice problems. I took the test April 15th (in Germany on a Sunday), and I found out I passed on 30 May 2012 in Manas, Kyrgyzstan while heading over to Afghanistan for a year.

I am currently in Elgin AFB, FL as the 7th Special Forces Group Engineer. When I am not traveling, working, working out, spending time with my family or sleeping. I am developing this site, trying to help others pass the PE Exam and also continue to learn myself.


Construction Engineering

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My name is Jason, co-author of The Guide to Passing the Construction PE Exam. I’m 36-years old, and similar to Mark, I have a beautiful wife and a beautiful 4-year-old daughter. I graduated from Arizona State University earning a Construction Engineering degree and upon graduating went to work building, estimating, and designing major capital improvement projects. Most of my experience has been in Capital Projects where my role has been a Project Manager, Senior Structure Estimator, Estimator, Project Engineer, and Primavera Scheduler. Throughout my career, I have competed and won several Hard Bid Contracts, Design-Build Contracts, and Construction Management @ Risk Contracts. A few years ago, I made the transition from the private sector to the government sector where I perform large scale project and labor models through shared server applications powered by company databases and SQL. These labor models serve as companywide resource management as well project delivery timelines for multi-year budgetary forecasting.

As a civil engineer enthusiast, I highly recommend studying for and passing the PE Exam. It is a noteworthy cause and upon passing it will say volumes about yourself, your dedication to your craft, as well as the dedication to your industry.

Structural Engineering


Dr. Diya Azzam, Ph.D. is the first contributor of www.learncivilengineering.com. He achieved all of his degrees at The University of Akron, Ohio specializing in bridge design, fatigue and fracture mechanics of structures and risk management of structures. He has more than 10 years of experience in design, project management, construction, research on fatigue and fracture mechanics as well as teaching in the field of structural engineering. Azzam has authored several technical articles in leading publications.

Dr.Azzam is currently a Bridge Design Engineer at the California Department of Transportation, Sacramento. In Caltrans he worked on bridges in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas and was also involved in the water quality project at Lake Tahoe from 2006-2007. He is a supporter of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) to promote the field of engineering for more students. He believes that America’s future relies heavily on having prepared engineering students to lead and sustain our place globally. A future project he aims to achieve is an Engineer in Every Family (EIEF) here in the states. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering locally and tutoring disadvantaged students in math and science.